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Get a FREE ESTIMATE on your generator installation

Don't endanger the safety of your colleagues, customers, or family by staying in the dark during a power outage. You can get reliable standby power generators from D'Angelo Electrical Contractor Inc. so that you can remain safe, prevent products and goods from spoiling, and keep your heating and cooling systems running.

Not sure which generator is right for your home or business? Then let D'Angelo Electrical Contractor Inc. provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE on generator installation services so that you can rest assured knowing that you got a fair deal on your generator with no hassle or gimmicks.

Maintain your generator

D'Angelo Electrical Contractors Inc. will do more than just install your standby generator - we'll also provide generator service to keep your generator in top working condition.


Some simple generator services include oil changes and cleaning to ensure that when you need your generator, it is up to the task of keeping your home or office powered.

1-year labor warranty

When you choose a quality generator from among the top brands carried by D'Angelo Electrical Contractor Inc., including Winco, Cummings, and Kohler®, you'll know that you've got one of the top products available.


Plus, you can rest assured that D'Angelo Electrical Contractor Inc. stands behind our work thanks to the 1-year labor warranty!

Get the team that will bring over 200 years of combined experience to your electrical project - D'Angelo Electrical Contractor Inc.!


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