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Start your service with a FREE ESTIMATE

Looking for ways to save on your electric bill? Then call D'Angelo Electrical Contractor Inc. and get more information on products and services that can help you save money and even earn you a cashback incentive! Plus, you'll start your project with a FREE ESTIMATE on service so that you can rest easy knowing you got a fair price.

Whether you need a new standby generator or you're looking for top-of-the-line electrical work, turn to D'Angelo Electrical Contractor Inc. We'll start the job with a fair, FREE ESTIMATE on the service. And, you can enjoy a 1-year warranty on labor for peace of mind during the electrical project.

Preserve history with our help

If you live in an older home, your wiring simply isn't built to withstand the high voltages associated with modern appliances and technology.


D'Angelo Electrical Contractor Inc. can rewire historic homes without damaging your home's appearance or damaging historically-valuable property so you can stay safely and happily in your home without fear.

Don't get left in the dark

When a sudden storm strikes and the lights go out, will you be able to save the food in your refrigerator and freezer? What if your electrically-powered heat goes out in a blizzard?


In these situations, you need D'Angelo Electrical Contractor Inc. You'll get quality backup generators from brands you trust like Kohler and Cummings for reliable backup power.

Got a job that requires aerial or excavating work? D'Angelo Electrical Contractor Inc can handle your project!


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